Nouveau Retired

Piano Forte by Kristen Morgin at the Renwick Gallery, Wash DC, Nov 2016

Much has been written about Generation X and Millenials but I’ve seen nothing about the Nouveau Retired, the group I belong to.  Allow me to introduce you:

  • We retired healthy and financially comfortable.
  • We participate in fitness activities: biking, jogging, walking, weight lifting, pickle ball, table tennis, and others. We’re not afraid to compete or encourage our own to do so.
  • Many of us prefer hard copy; it’s what we’re used to.
  • This doesn’t mean that we read USPS mail daily, but we do so at least once a week.
  • We may text but are not likely to respond to text messsges in .1 seconds. Give us a few hours to get around to looking at our smart phones.
  • Ditto for email. Not being employed, we take advantage of the luxury of looking at email when we get good and ready.
  • We make an effort to dress to show we know what year it is. However, We have some favorite pieces that we can’t bring ourselves to discard or give away.
  • We’re not cheap but often blurt that we remember how much something used to cost. This is a spontaneous utterance when in shock that a $0.05 candy bar is now half the size and selling for $1.89 plus tax at “convenience stores.”
  • We don’t fit the grandparent mold and get bored with sitting around when family visits. Consider scheduling an outing for a change of scenery.
  • Our values haven’t changed much although we try to sdapt to cultural changes. You, too, will look back two generations and wonder how morals declined so drastically.
  • We make the effort to maintain contact with multiple generations, which keeps us young. So share what’s new and help us with technology. Showing us how to maneuver within a program only once is probably not enough.

Author: Phyllis Stewart

Blogging to the seasoned who do not view television as a primary mode of entertainment, who prefer being active over being sedentary, and who enjoy learning.

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