Keeping Up With Change

Robot bartender at the Bionic Bar aboard Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas

Technology could pass me by if I let it. I’m grasping on the edge of outdated as I attempt to keep abreast of changes with software, hardware, and gadgets. With so much out there, I expend great effort to avoid becoming so antiquated that my learning curve turns into a steep slope.

I purchased a MacBook Air some, rather, many years ago because acquaintances promoted Apple products as easy to use. I considered their products pricey until I learned that the Apple store is a ready resource for assistance. The staff is well trained not to laugh at the most elementary of questions. I’m an old school learner who needs face-to-face interaction to cement certain information in long-term memory. Free classes are offered at the store, a few of which I’ve attended. As much as “free” attracts me,  I have yet to complete all of the courses the interest me. The priciness of Apple products is well worth the availability of great assistance.

Software challenges aren’t insurmountable. In the Hampton Roads area, various library systems  offer beginner classes for Windows software. For more advanced issues, the technology specialists who assist computer users at libraries have helped me with numerous problems, from reformatting EXCEL spreadsheets to creating a blog site.

If you’re wiling to take a chance with group settings, Meet-ups are informal groups that gather to discuss various topics, including information technology. A web search will reveal what Meet-ups are available in your area. Generally, the groups meet in public places and members attend at no charge. In fact, I suggest not attending any that require the payment of a fee. I’ve attended two groups on blogging and learned plenty.

Finally, many libraries provide access to magazines on line. All that is needed is a library card. My local library in Chesapeake VA includes Zinio Digital Magazines access through its website. Available computer related magazines include Apple Magazine, Macworld,  PC Magazine, and PC World. I set a timer when I  visit the Zinio site to scan magazines since I could spend all day enjoying updates on a number of topics.

Bottom line: there are many avenues to keep abreast of technological updates, whether hardware, software, or gadgets. Knowing how to maneuver through data networks, robotics, and an updated operating system keeps you young.



Author: Phyllis Stewart

Blogging to the seasoned who do not view television as a primary mode of entertainment, who prefer being active over being sedentary, and who enjoy learning.

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