An Evening of Real Singing

img_3332I enjoyed an evening with The Tee Tones and Quiet Storm at Lizzie Rose Music Room in Tuckerton NJ. I’d never heard of the venue or the town until I learned The Tee Tones were playing there this past weekend. The guys on my block back in Queens had been in a group, and they had golden voices when they sang with their band.  I learned from Facebook that one of its members, Bernard Taylor, now sings with The Tee Tones. Seeing him perform was on my bucket list for 2016.

Bernard Taylor, tallest, smiling when both The Tee Tones and Quiet Storm took the stage together.

The Tee Tones is an a cappella group that croons doo-wop and Motown songs. The show brought back memories of house parties in basements; clubs in Jamaica, Brooklyn and The City; and dancing from the time I walked in until I heard, “Last call for alcohol, y’all.” Members of the group alternated singing the lead, and their harmony was so smooth I didn’t notice there was no instrumental background.

Quiet Storm, also an a cappella group, had a different style. While The Tee Tones is sweet-sounding smoothness, Quiet Storm is mellow suaveness. Stylistic differences aside, they each were worth a trip into the back roads of New Jersey.

img_3330Lizzie Rose Music Room is a Victorian home with a stage in a hexagonal room that likely served as a sitting room. Large stained-glass windows adorn the walls, and a chandelier extends from what I estimated to be a sixteen-foot ceiling. The audience sat in individual chairs; there were no tables. Neither food nor alcohol was served, although cold drinks were for sale. The audience was primarily elderly music lovers who appreciated the show with standing ovations as songs began, as well as upon their completion. The best comment I heard came from a man with stringy white hair and a white beard that extended to his belt: This is the best fun I’ve had without alcohol!



Author: Phyllis Stewart

Blogging to the seasoned who do not view television as a primary mode of entertainment, who prefer being active over being sedentary, and who enjoy learning.

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