Top 10 Things That Eat My Day



10. Searching for empty hangars, which leads to rearranging my closet

9. Thinking I will only pick weeds from flower beds for fifteen minutes at most

8. Attempting to read a book I enjoy for a limited amount of time

7. Jotting a short note to include in a card that ends up being four pages

6. Straightening my home office

5. Discovering a dust web in the corner near the ceiling; the walls must now be washed

4. Trying to file papers I can’t throw away that don’t seem to belong anywhere

3. Answering my landline telephone

2. Going through my photograph box

The number one thing that eats my day: Trying to limit time spent opening email



Author: Phyllis Stewart

Blogging to the seasoned who do not view television as a primary mode of entertainment, who prefer being active over being sedentary, and who enjoy learning.

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