From Foolish Youth to Seasoned

img_3034What if values had not been instilled in me as a child that I retained through life?

What if my number one desire at age sixteen had been achieved?

What if I had really been “grown” at age eighteen and didn’t change my thinking?

What if I had not dared to take risks at age twenty that took me away from the familiar?

What if my life is as I wanted it to be at age twenty-one?

What if I hadn’t decided that maturity meant giving up certain things I used to do?

I didn’t know what I truly wanted until I became myself, uninfluenced by peer pressure, media advertising, and cultural stereotyping. It’s liberating to have rejected conformity for individualism, based on values I’d internalized. And thank goodness, those values changed over time. I realized that a lot of my activities were done because they were expected, not because they were enjoyed. Next, I learned, without the influence of others, what I truly enjoyed and why. Finally, I explored options for where to live, how to live, an occupation, family, and leisure. Only then was I seasoned and could choose to live as I desire.

Are you finished making choices for living your life as you desire? I’ll never be so long as I am open to new experiences.




Author: Phyllis Stewart

Blogging to the seasoned who do not view television as a primary mode of entertainment, who prefer being active over being sedentary, and who enjoy learning.

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