The FLOW OF LIFE has gotten me to the point of being Seasoned. I retired from the practice of law after years of contract law, employment law, and operational law as a civilian attorney with the Department of the Navy. I’m  fortunate to have a wonderful husband and two great children, both now grown and making me proud. I’ve moved from wondering what do I want to be when I grow up, to what do I want to be now that I’m grown, to what will I do to give meaning to my life after retirement and prevent me from being bored.

Two years before I retired, I started a notebook. I began a numbered list of what I would do if I had unlimited time, money, and talent. On the day I divorced employment, I was up to almost two hundred ideas.

One of my first reality checks after retirement was the importance of prioritizing and only having one priority at any one time. Somehow, working life had confused me into believing I could efficiently handle numerous priorities at a time. Not so. I strongly believe multi-tasking is a major cause of adult ADD.

Once I retired, regardless of my good intentions, being home surrounded me with so many potential projects—and places to go—that some areas of my life were short-changed. I decided to prioritize the one thing I easily put off, working out at the start of my day.

Clearly, I am not the athletic type. But from experience I know the importance of being able to walk without knee pain, climb stairs without gasping for breath, and sit without back pain. So I stretch and flex, get my circulation going, attempt to tighten those parts of my body that seem to lack muscle, and get to the fitness center or outdoors for a walk or jog. I like to believe I’m slowing the aging process.

My priority is now a habit. Something is missing when I attempt to shortchange my fitness time. Attempting the stairs with stiff knees keeps me on track.

Once working out became a habit, I searched for a new number one priority. A true priority is done near the start of the day, which for me is after working out. I reserve the right to be fickle, and my priority changes with the moment. People I’ve asked prioritize meditation, spiritual reading, and making a breakfast that is the best meal of the day.

Let me know what works for you: What do you prioritize to insure it is accomplished each day or to start you off right?



Author: Phyllis Stewart

Blogging to the seasoned who do not view television as a primary mode of entertainment, who prefer being active over being sedentary, and who enjoy learning.

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